Leveraging customer and household-specific data through advanced statistical and predictive modeling techniques allows you to target the right audience and derive actionable consumer insight.


Predicitive modeling enables you with actionable information based on consumer buying patterns, making it one of the most beneficial marketing tools available.

Using statistically derived algorithms, we can predict the propensity of an individual to become a customer, purchase a specific product, drop out of your program, or any number of important actions. With this insight into behavioral patterns and customer lifecycles, you can compare your spend to your ROI to ramp up your marketing budget efficacy and efficiency.


We work with Marketing, IT, Sales, and Customer Service teams to warehouse data in a centralized, secure way so everyone can benefit from it - namely, the customers. Organized data will make it possible to build propensity models and audience segments, to automate marketing and customer service communication, and to deliver reports to various internal stakeholders.


Your customers’ motivations, background, values, and purchasing behavior are all variables in how you communicate with them.

We build detailed customer profiles using transactional data from your own database combined with variables from our database, which is updated weekly with more than 200 attributes describing more than 95 percent of the individual households in the United States. The resulting comparative profiles are highly accurate, statistically-derived profiles that become the basis for executable marketing strategy you can trust.


We integrate data from disparate sources across clients' infrastructure as well as our own network to create applications, programs, and databases that drive smart marketing and business functions. We are equipped to handle security and privacy measures unique to fields such financial services and healthcare.


Each of our clients has access to a mobile-friendly, web-based dashboard allowing them to see the results of marketing and sales campaigns in real time, permitting stakeholders to make adjustments on the fly to optimize success. We also provide weekly and monthly campaign reporting.

The Alcott Marketing Science team is an absolute pleasure to work with and the insight and deep understanding of our data they provide for our Board has been especially helpful in guiding our strategic planning and execution.


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