With 71% of Americans using the internet on a daily basis, marketers have ample opportunity to reach their audiences online. But what sites are your potential customers visiting? What devices do they use? How and when do they buy? The more specifically targeted your digital campaigns are, the more effective they will be.


We develop and execute PPC campaigns to drive site visits, leads, and optimize cost per acquisition. Launching paid campaigns requires expertise on your customers, purchase funnel, keywords, site behavior, and goals. As a data and analytics agency, we provide additional insights and uncover optimization opportunities beyond traditional digital advertising dashboards.


Targeted display advertising ensures that you put your brand in front of the right prospects. This starts with an understanding of your current customers and what makes them unique. Once you have mined your data to validate the specific qualities your primary customer has, you can target other people who look similar to them. Solid research, great creative, and strong tools allow you the best chance to win the right ad space.


Did you know the average person is exposed to a brand seven times before becoming a customer? Double that when you're talking about an expensive purchase. In fact, only 2 percent of online shoppers convert on the initial visit, which means you need a solid strategy to market to the remaining 98 percent. By tracking site visitors and retargeting them elsewhere online, you continue to build brand recognition and reinforce the message you want potential customers to see.

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