Many of our clients use CRM or marketing automation software such as Salesforce, Hubspot or Pardot. Others would like to add CRM to their toolboxes. We are software agnostic and enjoy working with all solutions to make sure our clients are getting value from their CRM. Our expertise is building strategy and efficiency into existing CRM solutions, or - in the case of clients not currently using a CRM - helping with integration or building a custom solution to suit their specific needs.


Certain customer triggers should cause you to take notice. Life events like marriage or new children, a recent purchase, interaction with your pricing page, or an extended absence are all examples of actions to which you should be paying close attention. We help clients configure their database to automatically take notice and build timely, relevant communication to help retain customers. It is far less expensive to keep an existing relationship than to have to search for a new one.


Whether leveraging specific event triggers, onboarding new customers, executing drip/nurture campaigns, or communicating consumer information - marketing automation is an effective tool for maximizing relationships with customers and productivity among your team. We help clients navigate the ins and outs of marketing automation with services such as data analysis, segmentation and track planning, program development and prototyping, system evaluation and set-up, as well as full-service marketing automation implementation.



Many programs that track your website leads and interactions include a basic lead scoring system. The challenge is that most lead scoring is based on weighted points that are arbitrarily assigned based on instinct rather than data. Our approach to lead scoring involves using your data to tell us what is most important. We use mathematical analysis to determine which actions, page visits, and interactivity are most likely to drive a lead to become a customer, and then assign values to them accordingly. This data-informed weight system provides real-time scoring that can be used to drive improved focus of your sales and marketing efforts.

Alcott has consistently impressed me by being able to take a simple idea we have and programming a technological solution to make the idea come to life.

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