Today's business climate is highly competitive. As a discipline, marketing is rapidly evolving.

When your job is at the intersection of the two, it can be an exhilarating, high stakes, and potentially dangerous place to be. Digital marketing tools and techniques are changing daily. Customers are dramatically altering their buying behaviors. And executive management expects to see a return on the millions of dollars they're spending on marketing.

That's where Alcott Marketing Science can help.

Our purpose is to help marketing professionals optimize their business impact through clearly defined metrics and measurable ROI. We provide you with experienced data analysts, creative consultants, and campaign managers to deliver fresh ideas and expand your internal capacity. We help you transform marketing from an expense to an investment. 

We've been helping companies across the U.S. optimize their marketing spend for more than 25 years, combining data analytics with a keen understanding of consumer purchase behavior and demographic understanding, all rolled up with great creative and easy-to-use measurement tools.

And at the end of the year, we give half our annual profit to good causes in our neighborhoods.

Your business, our business, and our community benefits from our combined success. 



We would love to help you grow your business with marketing that is data-driven, measurable, and personalized.

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Competing in the arena for our clients against other brands (their competitors) to win customers. That’s fun.

About Jim Alcott

To Jim Alcott, an agency veteran with over 25 years experience, marketing is all about competition. “Competing in the arena for our clients against other brands (their competitors) to win customers. That’s fun.” he says. 

He believes that competition comes with recognizing the fact that challenges and obstacles are a part of the game. A lesson he’s learned serving as lead strategist on numerous successful accounts, including Wachovia Bank, KinderCare Learning Centers, and the National Federation of Independent Business. “The game is always changing,” he says, “And it’s energizing to have to rely on both good, analytical thinking, as well as creativity and innovation to address and overcome the challenges.”  

One can’t help but notice this creates the foundation of the marketing agencies Alcott’s founded. The first, Alcott Routon, established in 1994, served one-fourth of the nation’s fifty largest financial institutions, as well as national brands across other industries, as a knowledge-based direct marketing firm. In 2004, Harland Clarke (formerly Clarke American Checks) acquired the company, with Jim leading the agency until 2007. 

The second agency, of course, is Alcott Marketing Science. 

Additionally, he cofounded Alcott Routon-spin off Altair Data Resources, Inc., a list and data company in 2001. Then in 2007, Jim cofounded Good Work Studios to start and operate businesses for the purpose of generating profits to fund nonprofits and other worthwhile efforts to change peoples’ lives. Other accomplishments include speaking and publishing on marketing topics and consulting for other agencies on operational improvement, business strategy and leadership, and building an employee-focused culture. 

Looking over his career, it’s easy to note Jim’s success. But he says, “While I’m proud of many of the clients and work, I’m more proud of the people I’ve had the opportunity to work with…I’m very proud of the team we assembled at both Alcott Routon and Alcott Marketing Science and some of the great professionals I had the opportunity to work beside."

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So often, people get buried in the stress of the moment or the unknown. I enjoy helping them break their issues down and take them piece by piece.

About Lisa Lyon

If Lisa Lyon weren’t in marketing, she’d be a life counselor. “I love helping people solve their problems or life challenges,” says the twenty-five-year industry veteran. “So often, people get buried in the stress of the moment or the unknown. I enjoy helping them break their issues down and take them piece by piece.” 

An agency Account Director with the ability to juggle multiple responsibilities proves invaluable to both the Alcott Marketing Science team and their clients. According to Lisa, “I have to take a big campaign and break it into manageable components and processes to ensure it is completed on time and on brand. Doing so allows us to overlap multiple projects without confusion. I love that!” 

Known for her positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile, Lisa previously served as the account manager at East Bank Communications, a Portland, Oregon-based firm. 

Lisa managed the CRM database and direct mail programs at Red Lion Hotels and Inns for seven years. Following her work at Red Lion, Lisa managed direct mail campaigns, the corporate website, and data analysis projects for KinderCare Learning Centers. 

She remains in Portland today, supporting Alcott Marketing Science's West Coast clients and keeping the business running smoothly.

“I love marketing,” she says. “I love how you can take an idea and turn it into something that resonates with your audience.”

Lisa’s extensive career experience and desire to understand people and their needs ensures clients feel heard and cared for. She places a great importance on being involved and offering whatever strategic direction is required. “I want my clients and my colleagues to know they can trust me to do the right thing — to follow through on what I promised — to help them be successful,” she says. “I have a passion for helping others to be successful. I want my clients to know I am here to help with that.”

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It feels great when our work provides a return for our clients, but for me, the reward is knowing that we pushed ourselves to deliver something authentic.

About Ted McCoig

“It feels great when our work provides a return for our clients, but for me, the reward is knowing that we pushed ourselves to deliver something authentic,” says Creative Director Ted McCoig, who has over twenty years in the business. 

Starting at Murray, Inc., Ted developed identity systems for outdoor power equipment for Home Depot and bikes for Sears, Wal-Mart, and Toys"R"Us. He then spent 10 years as senior art director for agencies Powell Creative and Alcott Routon. His time there yielded results-generating campaigns for HSBC, Frost Bank, KinderCare, Regions Financial, National City Bank, NFIB, and Marriott Vacation Club.

Ted also cofounded Ivey McCoig Creative Partners, an agency specializing in branding and identity work. In 2009, he reunited with old friends by joining Alcott Marketing Science as creative director. 

With an uncanny ability to marry both sides of the brain, Ted's designs are not only easy on the eyes, but are based on proven best practices. His favorite project of late is work done for Washington DC-based Good Stuff Eatery, a creation of Spike Mendelsohn (also of Bravo TV’s Top Chef). The work included identity, branding, and environmental design. “And,” he says, “the hamburgers were awesome!”

In addition to corporate clients, Ted’s enjoyed working on numerous nonprofit and pro bono assignments, including Donald Miller’s The Mentoring Project (mentoring fatherless boys) and Sowing Seeds of Hope: “The black belt of America,” serving Alabama’s poorest communities.

An artist at heart, Ted says “I want to believe the work we do here matters, and that businesses can achieve greater success with our help.” Mostly, he wants clients to know his team at Alcott Marketing Science is invested in their businesses. "The measurement of our success is directly proportional to the wins our clients experience."

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The more time businesses spend understanding their data, the more tailored, nuanced and personalized the outcome is.

About Knight Stivender

"I want to be able to help businesses grow in ways that are both highly strategic as well as deeply personal," says Business Development Director Knight Stivender. "I think sometimes companies experiencing or aspiring to big growth worry they'll forsake the personal touches that make them relevant and competitive, but that isn't the case."

"The more time businesses spend understanding their data, the more tailored, nuanced and personalized the outcome is. That's what excites me most about the work we do at Alcott Marketing Science. Everything we do begins with a deep understanding of data."

Knight developed an appreciation for data and audience insights during a 15-year media career with the Gannett Company. Her background in digital publishing and roots in journalism have given her opportunities to develop, reach and expand highly targeted niche audiences across a variety of verticals and interest groups.

She approaches business development with curiosity and empathy, preferring to listen, ask questions and understand rather than pitch or sell.

Knight joined the Alcott Marketing Science team in December 2015. In addition to her role with Alcott, Knight is a co-founder of Girls To The Moon, an organization that creates programming and content to empower and inspire young girls and their caregivers. She is also active in several community and professional organizations, including the American Marketing Association.

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I love serving others. Maybe that's why I like my job...

About Becki Webb

“I love serving others,” says Director of Finance Becki Webb. “Maybe that is why I like my job, because I am able to see the assistance and guidance from a financial perspective that I can provide to Jim, Rebecca, and other employees to help them be successful.”

Becki, who prefers to be behind the scenes, finds accounting a perfect compliment to her personal style. For nearly 30 years, she’s served in various accounting positions, helping to ensure the financial health of her employers.

Becki spent the first six years of her career with CPA firms in public accounting. Then she worked as the controller for an insurance company for two years and at Alcott Routon for five years, before joining the Alcott Marketing Science team.

Despite her quiet, but valuable contributions at Alcott, Becki lives a very active life outside the office. “I’m very much into exercise—running, cycling, and swimming. I’ve run several marathons, half marathons, and done triathlons. I'm almost addicted to it, according to my husband,” she says.

Becki loves to spend time with her family and considers being a mother and grandmother to be her greatest joy of all. 

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It excites to me to work with others in order to develop creative marketing, but the main thing that keeps me passionate about what I do is the nurturing of long-lasting relationships.

About Courtnay Hamachek

As Director of Operations, solving problems is what Courtnay Hamachek does best. “I like to face any obstacle head-on,” she says. “People say I’m feisty because I never back down from anything that gets in my way. I view challenges and obstacles as a way to help myself grow and further develop my capabilities to meet my client’s, as well as my internal team’s needs.”

After working 25 years on the agency side, it’s clear that her ambition has served her well throughout her career. She has extensive experience in all aspects of marketing, from account services and project management to design and production, making her the perfect person to oversee everything we do from beginning to end.

Courtnay has spent the bulk of her career serving clients in the financial, healthcare, tourism, automotive, and retail industries. She most recently served as an Account Supervisor at Archer Malmo in Memphis, Tenn., where she managed the account services team and all marketing efforts for their largest retail client.

She also gained experience in Nashville-based agencies as Senior Account Executive/Production Manager at Alcott Routon, working with large and small financial clients. Later as an Account Manager at The Designory, she managed marketing programs for Infiniti and Nissan, which included print and digital needs.

“It is exciting for me to work with others in order to develop creative marketing, but the most important thing that keeps me passionate about what I do is the nurturing of long-lasting relationships. Whether it be internally or with the client, it just makes me feel better about what I do,” Courtnay says.

In addition to her passion for her career, Courtnay is also an avid animal lover, enjoys being outside and working in her garden. "Basically doing anything outdoors and being in nature makes me feel better," she says, "It provides me with a sense of peace and gives me the balance I need to perform my job in the world of marketing to the best of my ability.”

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"My passion centers around helping companies differentiate themselves in ways that matter, then creating marketing programs that are impactful and measurable."

About Mark Gibson

Mark has been able to fuel this passion from both the client and agency side over his 30-year career in Financial Services.

He began as a consultant in technology and design, applied primarily to creating “branch of the future” concepts for Citibank, Chase and HSBC. He then transitioned to leading Marketing for four banks ranging in size from $5 billion to $50 billion, where he championed segment and product management, brand positioning, digital marketing and experience management.

Most recently, he has returned to consulting, applying his experience to help financial services marketers optimize their resources and quantify the returns of their efforts.

Mark is joining forces with Alcott Marketing Science to assist the firm in tailoring its value proposition to the FI vertical.  

“I have been a big fan of Jim and his team for more than a decade. They combine smart analytics with flawless execution. I’m especially excited about some of the new tools they are bringing to market to help marketers measure the results of their actions.

Here are some of Mark's tips and techniques for financial services marketers:


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